About us

For the Love of Literature

There comes a point in everyone’s life,when realizations about life, love, and relationships starts to strike hard. We think deeply and ponder whether our career and life choices are going to be right or not. Young life full of passion and enthusiasm, who are about to enter a different stage( or can say next level) of life where spoon feeding will no longer be available, starts thinking about their life with a different perspective.And so is with me.
This all started a few years back when I was in 10th and my interest gradually increases in reading books whether novels, short stories, poems, travelogues and much more(I guess puberty hit me hard here :p).By the way I must tell you that I didn’t mean I was a freak in course books as well, that never happened.
This website is a thank-you to all the authors, writers and narrators, who again and again(actually they always will) teaches me something new, either from their experience or imaginations.well, there’s a saying that,”if everyone who thought they might fail didn’t even try, where would we be today?” Going on with that note, I also thought of writing out my feelings in form of words but never tried doing it, except for a few diary entries. so, it’s the high time to implement this saying in my practical life.
So, you are heartedly welcome to my website. This website is all about my hopes, feelings, emotions, learning and much more after reading books.
Now, talking about my qualifications I have done my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya vigyan vihar, Delhi and presently pursuing Psychology honours from Ambedkar University of Delhi(AUD). As, you might have get the idea that I am a pure Delhiite. Apart from reading I like to spend some quality time with friends and family and listening to music. And from now onward I want to dedicate some of my time to writing. I want to write about my happiness, excitement, emptiness, sadness and every other feelings.
This website is going to contain the issues and facts that have been raised in the novels, short stories, journals, poems etc. My understanding of the texts and the way I look into a particular text is going to be present on this website. I would also like to know the readers thoughts and experiences if you too have probably read the same text, which you can share with me in the comments section. Not only this but litsense is also going to contain what are all the effects of reading a text and understanding it through one’s point of view.
I purchased my domain litsense.com on 21-July-2016 and will soon be posting about the things that I read. My idea behind my website(litsense.com) is to convey the sense of literature according to my perspective, as it makes different sense to different people in different time zones,who read it. I hope it will help you to connect with your feelings and emotions as well.
P.S This is going to be my experiment because experiments can lead to beautiful things and I want to know till where I can go.